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Narcissa had the 'flu after the Valentine's Ball. She was all scratchy in Transfiguration, so she went to the hospital wing.

It was rather boring in Herbology today. We sat there trying to pickle Screaming Lily buds while they were trying to bite our hands off. On the positive side, we got to see Potter's Lily succeed in biting. He got sent to the hospital wing, which was funny, but then I got stuck pickling Potter's Lily for him! I was not amused.

Prof. Binns was droning on about the Werewolf Bannings of 1532 in History of Magic. I was struggling to pay attention, but then Narcissa started passing me notes. It was extrememly hard to concentrate then, because of the compliments she was giving to my hair. Among other things.

So I didn't get much done in HoM, not that I get much done in there anyway.

And then I found out that we are having a test in HoM tomorrow. I'm fuming.
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