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Hmm. As you all know, Narcissa has been trailing me around for quite some time. I believe she likes me. Well, what's not to like? I'm handsome, rich, handsome, and I'm truly awesome. And I'm handsome to boot. But still.

Our house elf, Dobby, has been acting poorly this past week. He's been dropping plates and sneaking off to places. I wonder where he's going...

No time to worry it over. I have to decide whether or not to ask Narcissa to the Valentine's Ball. I think I shall, but maybe not. I saw Narcissa wearing a pair of Muggle jeans the other day. They actually looked quite good on her, very form fitting... And then I saw her in this stunning maroon dress with a low neckline, a gold trim, and sparkles all over. I was almost stunned speechless. Almost. It was very pretty on her. I wonder what she's wearing to the Valentine's Ball....
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